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The BlackBerry PlayBook Process

by Fred @ MySkylla

It’s not officially supported by Buzztouch but you can create BlackBerry PlayBook OS apps as confirmed using Runtime for Android apps



Note: RIM had noted that ads will work inside the Android apps the only thing however that is not supported is RIM’s own BlackBerry Ad services. In other words, Android developers can still monetize their apps, just not using BlackBerry Ad services.

OPTION #1: How to sign, convert and install Android files for your BlackBerry PlayBook using Windows or Mac

OPTION #2: RIM provides tools to convert Android apps to Playbook apps. Read more here:

The process of repackaging an Android app for BlackBerry tablet OS 2.0 is well documented on BlackBerry Developers’ Zone.

  • First here’s a video to give you an overview of the process.
  • Register for an account in the Vendor Portal of the BlackBerry App World.
  • It took 3 hours for my account to be approved.
  • Your Buzztouch (iOS) source code will not work
  • Use the Buzztouch (Android) source code.
  • Remove any maps from Control Panel
  • Download Android Source Code
  • Open the Source code and replace the “icon.png” file created by Buzztouch.
  • Don’t have Eclipse, no problem. Don’t need Eclipse for this step.
  • Find your apps icon in the source code
  • res > drawable > icon.png
  • Replace it with a 80×80 pixel icon.
  • Use the same name “icon.png”
  • Delete from the src folder.
  • Remove the two lines of Google Maps code at the end of AndroidManifest.xml.
  • You need to edit out the Google Maps related functions from (simply remove the file and comment out the refrences to it).
  • Android 2.3.3 Compatibility Tool
  • Download Simulator for the PlayBook:
  • My computer (Vista) gave me a warning about the downloaded file, run anyway.
  • For Buzztouch v1.4 (Android) the only problem shown by that tool was that the project referenced package.
  • Look for any references to in other files (import
  • Installed the BlackBerry plugin for Eclipse
  • Request the signing keys, It took about 2 minutes to receive mine two keys via two email. You need both.
  • post from forum: Downloaded and installed an evaluation copy of VMware Fusion
  •  Post on Forum re simulator on a Mac: on my mac to run the PlayBook Simulator. I’ve got Parallels Fusion on my macbook, but it wasn’t good for running the Simulator, unfortunately. Then right-click on the Java project, Add BlackBerry nature (sth like this), and I was able to debug the app on the Simulator. It looked awful. First of all the simulator is not perfect, things were jumping, blinking and shaking, but I checked on BB forums and it turned out that people experienced the same with their apps on the Simulator and then everything was OK on real device.
  • The layout of Buzztouch v1.4 (Android) is not optimised for big screens (tablets)
  • Few things needed to be changed in xml layout files. It still doesn’t look amazing.

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BlackBerry ID.

Beginning on April 15, 2013, you will be able to conveniently sign-in to your BlackBerry® World vendor account using your existing BlackBerry ID! You’ll no longer need to remember and manage multiple account credentials. Access all BlackBerry applications, services and websites using just one sign on: BlackBerry ID.

How will this work? The new BlackBerry World login page will walk you through the process. During the sign-in, you will be asked to link your vendor account to your BlackBerry ID. From there on, you will use your BlackBerry ID to sign-in to your vendor account.

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BlackBerry App World Category Changes & New Additions

Dear BlackBerry App World Vendor, We have recently made exciting changes to the categories within BlackBerry App World including modifying existing category names and adding new categories to help users easily navigate and discover content. This update is important for both your existing applications and new submissions to BlackBerry App World. They key category changes and additions include:

News: The News category has been expanded to include magazines. This category is now called News and Magazines and includes Blogs as a subcategory. Beta: The Beta category is discontinued. The apps located the Beta category have been moved to relevant categories. Reference and eBooks & Education: The Books and Reference category has been divided in to separate categories so that these are now individual categories respectively. The Reference category includes Education. This new category is Education & Reference. Shopping: The Shopping category has been renamed Lifestyle. Maps & Navigation: The Maps & Navigation category now includes Travel and has been renamed Navigation and Travel. Music Creation (*NEW*): There is a new subcategory Music Creation available under the Music and Audio category. Childrens Categories (*NEW*): There are two new childrens focused categories: New Childrens Games category within the Games Channel New Childrens Books subcategory within the Books category

These new categories are available for selection in the Vendor Portal. Please review your existing applications and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your app is located in the most relevant category and subcategory. Best Regards, BlackBerry App World Team

New BlackBerry® 9310 Smartphone Simulator and Specs Now Available

Great News!

The start of the summer season brings a new BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator model to the line-up. The new BlackBerry® 9310 Smartphone running BlackBerry OS 7.1 simulator is now available for download! Prepare your app for launch today!

Downloading the BlackBerry® 9310 simulator, test your app(s) and add the 9310 as a supported device in the App World Vendor Portal.

Instructions for adding 9310 support in the Vendor Portal:

1. Select Manage Products
2. Select the magnifying glass (view) under the Releases column of the app to be changed
3. Select (edit) next to the Release containing the bundle to be edited
4. Select ‘Add Release Version’ tab
5. Select the pen (edit) under the Device Support column for the bundle you wish to edit

Read the Developer’s Blog for BlackBerry 9310 product specification and related information.

Notes: You must indicate application support for this new device as current applications will not be automatically posted for sale for this new smartphone. Many applications that currently support the BlackBerry® 9320 should be easily ported to this new device with minimal change required. Submit as soon as possible to increase your chances for App World approval before the device launches.

Happy Development,

BlackBerry App World Team

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