Screenshot Capture, Everything You Need To Know

Edit: Newer Android devices allow screenshot capture by holding down the power button and the down volume button simultaneously.

Another method is to use the Dolphin browser and screen cut plugin.

Here’s everything you need to know about “Screenshot Capture for Droid, Screeshot UX. And it’s Free (Trial Version) (Just love that business model) Enough said. Yes, that’s correct, this simple app is all you need. With this app you’re ready to submit your two required screenshots (you can submit six additional, but that’s up to you) to the Android Market.
The app’s users guide reference an install process, but I just downloaded the app from Android Market to my unrooted phone (Android 2.2.1) made a few quick changes in the settings and I was ready to rumble.
The only fault of this app is that it doesn’t install to sd card. That feature would normally cause a quick uninstall with a low rating, but this app is so useful that I’ll give them a High Five *****
It has an impressive list of Features:
-Analyzing possible capture method.
-Intuitive Topmost button to screen shot.
-Shake to screen shot.
-Status bar to screen shot.
-Intuitive Countdown feedback UI before screenshot.
-Edit(Crop, Draw/Undo/Redo, …).
-Share menu integration for Email, MMS, …
-View with external image viewer.
-Choose custom save folder


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