Flipping Images

Flipping Images

by FredT4

SEPTEMBER 29, 2014

Q. Unfortunately a few of my images are upside down. Is there any app that can reverse (not rotate) these, so I don’t have to fish through the Big Pile of Slides again?

A. Several computer programs and mobile apps can flip the contents of a picture vertically and horizontally to correct slides scanned upside-down or in the mirror image of their proper direction. The free Paint program included with Windows includes a “Flip vertical” and “Flip horizontal” menu command, along with the usual “rotate” option to spin the picture’s overall orientation. In recent versions of Paint, look under the Rotate menu on the Home tab to find the “flip” functions.

Mac users can flip and rotate images with the Preview program included in OS X; the Flip commands are in the program’s Tools menu. Image-editing programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements for Windows or Mac OS X also include “flip” commands. Adobe Photoshop Express, (available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone), is among the many picture-editing apps that can flip pictures on the go with a mobile device.


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