Bitcasa – Online Storage

imageBitcasa is an excellent alternative to Dropbox for online storage, or perhaps an excellent solution in addition to Dropbox. Their Free account starts with 5GB and allows you to earn an additional 1GB per referral. In addition they offer Private, secure storage up to 3 devices.

How’s this different from Dropbox?

I’m glad you asked, their website claims:

“The Bitcasa Platform uses patent-pending technology to offer the most private and accessible cloud storage. Every time a file is uploaded, Bitcasa’s proprietary block-level encryption secures files before they are transferred to our servers. Once in Bitcasa, at least three fully encrypted copies are stored safely. Files can then be accessed from any device — real-time transcoding resolves any cross-platform issues — or can be shared seamlessly via email and social network integration. Bitcasa uses smart caching technology to make files feel just like they are locally stored, and “Favorite” files are stored locally for seamless offline access.”

One reason Bitcasa is able to offer 1TB for $99 per year is the unique way it stores files. Bitcasa understands that most of what is saved by users is a duplicate of what other users are also saving. Bitcasa leverages this by only keeping one instance of each file, no matter how many people upload it to the company’s servers. So if you go to store “file X”, and that file already exists on Bitcasa’s servers, Bitcasa will just use the file it already stored.