Marketing Your App

Today I read two interesting articles about marketing your App.

The first was Marketing your App to Mashable for free (How I got featured). It’s a how-to guide that will walk you through the steps to make your idea for an iPhone app a reality.

The second was Six easy steps to get your app noticed. Advertising executive Kat Gordon shares 6 essentials for getting your app downloaded.

It’s interesting to see how app publishing parallels the struggle seen in book publishing.

Both articles are essentially a quick (if awkward) course in content marketing though both barely scratched the surface of content marketing.

The lesson learned is that marketing your App doesn’t happen on it’s own and if you wish to be successful as an app publisher you’ll need to learn how to market. Most app developers I’ve talked to are only interested in how to incorporate advertising into their app as a means of monetization. They have yet to see themselves as advertisers.

Unfortunately a few are opening their apps to spammy advertisers and are neglecting to protect their brand. 

In their attempt to monetize their app they’ve condemning the app to obscurity because the advertising will so grate against the user experience that any attempt to market the app will be doomed. Apple’s App Store is full of apps that will never be more than zombies. 

Appgratis was a useful tool to move an app up in the charts if the developer had the funds to pay.  Apparently if your app could demonstrate sufficient potential for monetization Appgratis would consider future revenues should the developer not have deep enough pockets to pay upfront. Now that Appgratis has been removed from Apple’s App Store app developers will need to turn to other forms of marketing to get enough downloads to make advertising a significant source of revenue.

Now that’s a conundrum, how do you fund your marketing plan?

Seems like without some clever marketing by the app developer the app market will be totally dominated by the well funded app publishers.

I published more about this subject soon, but in the meantime you may wish to start reading up on “content marketing”.


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