MySkylla’s Guide to Buzztouch™ (Revised)

MySkylla’s Guide to Buzztouch™

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MySkylla’s Guide to Buzztouch™

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Verizon & Mobile Apps: Surf & Talk, Tethering

FCC to Verizon: Don’t block tethering apps. Verizon settles for $1.25M





If you would like talk to someone about your app while you develop it, you’ll be glad you don’t have verizon.

Here’s an excellent article that discusses why some off us can surf & talk and others cannot.

Here’s an app that can help,

Wifi on Call

. If your net work doesn’t allow surf & talk this app will turn on your wifi if there’s one available when you get a call, there’ll by allowing you to continue surfing.

Some Verizon phones are now being advertised as allowing surf & talk.

Another Reason Not to use Verzion

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