RSS Feed & Buzztouch, How To

Currently the BTv1.5 Android screen is unfinished.

We’re awaiting release of the

Here’s a 3rd party BTv2.0 RSS Feed Plugin (iOS only) Use it with the header image plugin and you have the rss-reader option.

Nice Tutorial for a XML RSS reader.

Meanwhile here’s a How To for a  RSS Feed in Buzztouch:

Yahoo Pipes Overview

A Guide to Yahoo Pipes by squidoo

RSSincluded On a tip from MGoBlue, I created a free RSS Feed with RSSinclude. I used the Html Document screen in BTv1.5, added a link from RSSInclude (I only have one feed at this time) and it works, very nice. Very easy setup. After you create your account with RSSinclude:

1. Create new RSSbox in RSSinclude.

2. Copy & Paste the URL of a news feed.

3. Choose your template (I chose the “Simple Vertical List” template, 10 items.)

4. Select the “Include!” button and select the “DirectLink” button.

5. Copy the url created by RSSincluded.

6. Create a “Html Document screen” in Buzztouch.

7. Paste the url link from RSSInclude in the “HTML URL / Web Address” box in Buzztouch and saved.

You’re finished, 🙂


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