Buzztouch v2.0 Server (BTv2.0)

Buzztouch Server v2.0 (latest release is BTv2.1.7) commonly referred to as BTv2.0

First a bit about is it free out not. Here’s a question a new user posted on the Forum and my response (Part 1 & Part 2):

Part 1: Somewhere else I saw that self hosted now requires the $30/mo. plan (to get the API key)?

The self-hosted API key is not free to new users. You can try out Buzztouch 2.0 on for free but it’s not self-hosted.

Older users can get a self-hosted API key for free, our reward for joining early and beta testing, but we do have an API limit. Hopefully every user will be wildly successful and will exceed that limit and send Buzztouch lots of $$$.


Part 2: but other places it says that self-hosted is doable either free or premium paid modes?

The software is open source and free to use. The backend (what you get with the API key) is not free.

You can build your own backend (lots of luck), or use Buzztouch’s API.

Yes, the API will cost you but, building and maintaining your own backend will cost you (probably much more).

You can access BTv2.0 three ways:

  • 1. Account with non-self hosted.
  • Advantages:

    Rapid Setup

    All plugins selected by Buzztouch team

    You don’t need to know about being an administrator

    Fantastic service which super cool team

    You can add any plugin to your source code

    Someone recently sent this to me, “Self Hosting, From what I understand, I can use the server to build the apps and then host my own server when I’m ready to do so.” My response was, Yes you can, but you’ll either have to rebuild the app or use the Config file to accomplish same but you’ll not be able to use the “Control Panel” to modify the app.

    IMO, if the app is worth building then it’s worth building on your own Buzztouch self-hosted server.

    But that assumes your time is worth money.

    The site has many benefits but building your app on it is extremely short sighted.

    Disadvantage: You Can’t install plugins to Buzztouch’s server (Buzztouch has awesome responsibilities and can’t install just any plugin suggested)
    To use 3rd party plugin you must add to source code

  • 2. BYOS API key from Buzztouch self-hosted BTv2.0
  • BYOS = Bring Your Own Server

    Advantages: It’s your Control Panel Modify Control Panel as you desire Add any plugin you see fit. You’re the administrator (the boss) You have sever for your website. For additional plugins go to

    You can create an app for a client with your own account. Once it’s finished and you want to give access to the client, you can create a new user on your self-hosted Control Panel and after that go to admin –> application list and check the app you want to tansfer –> below all the applications there is a dropdown-list (actions menu) with the option “change application owner” –> select –> now on top of the screen there is a dropdown-list (select new owner) –> select and submit. Done!

    Disadvantages: You’re an administrator (the responsibilities) You may install something you shouldn’t have You must decide which plugins to install You pay for your server You’ll learn to be a administrator

  • 3. Account with someone running BTv2.0 Self hosted server. (That’s me)
  • Same as option 1, but it’ll be easier to convince me to install a plugin Different plan options

    Each option has its advantages.

    Strongly recommend option two.

    Is BTv2.0 better than BTv1.5, Yes! here’s my view.

    Buzztouch currently has a couple of options to allow you access to BTv2.0 via their server as they do with BTv1.4 and BTv1.5.

    So do you need to set up your own server for full access to BTv2.0?

    Depending on whom’s server you have 22+ plugins on BTv2.0

    Why you should use BTv2.0:

    • The biggest reason is you’ll never have to convert (copy and paste) your apps to a new version. Conversion to a new and better platform is built-in. BTv1.4 apps couldn’t be converted to BTv1.5, and BTv1.5 can’t be converted to BTv2.0. One of the reasons given by David@Buzztouch for development of BTv2.0 is to ‘end the insanity of v1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 and so forth’.
    • Duplication of Apps
    • Moving apps from one server to another in now possible
    • BTv1.4 and BTv1.5 are now “Legacy” software, hence less support.
    • Future support will naturally be primarily toward BTv2.0
    • The cost is minimal, $5/month (use of server only, Buzztouch’s API extra)
    • (Some have used free hosting successfully.)
    • It’s a better design (Plugins)
    • It’ll continue to develop with new tools (Plugins)
    • BTv1.5 may not be finished for a very long time (if ever)
    • BTv2.0 has left BTv1.5 (Android) behind.
    • Soon BTv2.0 will also leave BTv1.5 (iOS) behind.
    • BTv1.4 is no longer being developed. (Still available)

    So, why should anyone use either BTv1.4 or BTv1.5:

    • There are a couple of screen that are not yet available in BTv2.0 and if you must have those screens today, well you must have.
    • BTv2.0 is complete (Just one issue with the Custom HTML Text screen).  Now more Plugins will soon be available 🙂



    Missing Menu Icons:
    Here’s a common question.
    “I have installed the server and all seems to be working correctly but i am missing the menu icons , when i look in the images folder there is nothing there , any ideas ??”

    The reason the icons were not included is they are copyrighted. Something to consider if you’re creating an app for commercial use, especially if you’re creating one for a client.

    Header images (Android) soon very soon.

    If you’re running a server with BTv2.0 and wish to modify the control panel this thread should interest you.

    Need to reset your Secret:
    Go To Your account on Buzztouch’s Server
    Self-hosted servers
    Click your server under Self Hosted Servers
    Modify – Reset Secret.

    Download the zipped Plugin
    Don’t unzip the download.
    1) Login to Control Panel
    2) Click Admin in the top right.
    3) Click Manage Plugins from the left toolbar.
    4) Click Add or Update Plugins above the list of plugins
    5) Click the + button next to the text box, and navigate to the ZIP you downloaded.
    6) Press Upload.
    7) Once it has given you a success message, click Refresh Plugins.

    3/21/12 From David@Buzztouch, re Trouble Parsing JSON
    Some self hosted panels are showing this error when packaging projects. Thereis a bug in the way the icon upload process works in self hosted control panels.

    If you’re experiencing this, try re-uploading your apps icon. Upload a .jpg, not a .png. The self hosted panels are saving all icon uploads as .jpg images, even if a .png is uploaded, this is causing the API to fail when packaging the app.

    a) Make sure your API key is valid in your admin panel in your self hosted package. b) Export your apps icon as .jpg image using your favorite image editor. c) Re-upload the icon in your control panel. The .jpg, not the .png d) Download the project, the API should package it without any trouble.

    We are preparing an update to the self-hosted panel and have added this to the list of fixes / improvements.
    There was a problem parsing the JSON result?

    End of post.


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