In App Purchase

Apple’a IAP

CrackIn-App PurchasesiniOS with‘iAPCracker’

Google’s Android In-app Billing

Since March 2011 Android Market has provided for In-app Billing for apps published on Android Market. In-App Billing lets you sell digital content in your app. You can use the service to sell online content (from downloadable content such as media files or photos to virtual content such as game levels or potions).

Android Market handles all checkout details so your app never has to directly process any financial transactions. Android Market uses the same checkout service that is used for application purchases, so your users experience a consistent and familiar purchase flow. The transaction fee for in-app purchases is the same as the transaction fee for application purchases (30%).
A nice feature is the ability to offer users an app on a trial basis before deciding whether or not to buy the full version. Instead of needing to download the ‘unlocked’ app later, the full version is downloaded first time around and activated if the user decides to purchase it after testing. Developers no longer need to offer ‘lite’ versions of their paid apps with a restricted feature set in a bid to encourage purchases of the full version.

In the following article, Analysts cautiously optimistic about in-app purchases Posted on February 16, 2012 – 12:31 by Trent Nouveau, the amazing growth of In-App pruchase and some serious limitations by Google are discussed.

In App Purchase & PayPal vs. ZooZ


My name is Ronen and I’m the CTO of ZooZ.

We would love to help you guys with implementing our in-app payment.

Let me try and giveyou more info on our solution and answer some of the issues raised here:

1) ZooZ supports – Mobile web (JQuery), iOS and Android 2) We do prefer the nativeintegration whenever possible. The reason for this preference is mainly because user experience is much better in native,and it’s very important when it comes to payments. 3) We are starting now to develop a plugin for buzztouch environment with a detailed doc for the integration, so stay tuned, we will make it even simpler for you soon.

4) PayPal is awesome and is very good at what it does and that’s why ZooZ incorporates PayPal with its SDK. So why to choose ZooZ? a) ZooZ has PayPal inside, so by integrating ZooZ you get both PayPal and an extremely convenient Credit Card checkout in one integration. b) We will add soon more payment options (Like Amazon and Carrier billing where applicable), all in the same integration, so you as a merchant open up for more customers. c) Our pricing is lower – We do not charge cross border and currency conversion fees, and we charge only 19 cents per transaction above thepercentage comparedwith PayPal’s 30 cents – our fees are actually considerably lower than PayPal’s, and will be even lower soon. d) We are cross app both for paypal and credit cards – currently in the PayPal’s mobile integration you can integrate PayPal native library, which does not support Credit Cards at all, or the web library where they do have Credit Card checkout support but it doesn’t remember card details for repeating purchase. ZooZ does remember card details for recurrent payments, and it remembers it cross app per device. e) We are developers too and we try to provide you the best developer support in the world 🙂

Please feel free to contact me for any question you might have.

Thank you,”


FaceBook is no sloucher to the Mobile Web or In-App purchasing.

Telcos gang up to snatch in-app cash from Google, Apple Nine operators draw up WAC API blueprint By Bill Ray • Posted in MWC, 28th February 2012 12:38 GMT

Microsoft brings browser-based app purchases to Windows Phone Web Marketplace, September 27, 2011,by Matt Brian

Corona’s In App Purchase Tutorial


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