Testing your Eclipse Installation

If you have doubts about the Eclipse setup or if you think your Source Code is not complete:

Download this Source Code.


1. Create a Project
2. Run the Project
3. Export the Project

If your unable to perform one or more of the above steps, your Eclipse Setup is not complete or you made a mistake.

It’s a basic BTv1.5 Android App named HelloFred.
In Eclipse use Google 2.2 Api 8.
(Don’t use Android 2.2, it’s not the same as Google.)

It’s to provide you with a Source Code that had no problems (Errors). If you have errors compiling this, there’s something wrong in your setup.

Attached is the Apk for HelloFred as proof.

The app is just an launch icon and nada (nothing else).

It’s just a way for you to test your setup (Java, Eclipse, SDK, ADT, Platform Tools)

Build Project Properties
Right-Click on the Project
>Android Tools
>Build Project Properties

This tip will save you lots of time, do it now on your first Project. It’s a very useful tool.

Common Problem AndroidManifest.xml file missing!

Eclipse does not show a Run as Android project option.
Solution: Add the Google APIs 1.6 and 2.2, which are the ones Buzztouch uses.


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