Background & Header Images in Buzztouch™ Screens (BTv1.5 & BTv2.0)

Regarding Background Image & Header Images:

Adding Images to the Souce Code

You can place Background images & Headers images in BTv1.5 & BTv2.0 Android Screens:
Menu (Buttons) Backgroung Images
Menu (List) Background Images & Headers Images
Custom HTML text (bug with HTML content)

I’ve done so in:
Mobile Buzz 1.5 an Android app
Mobile Buzz 2.0 an Android app

I’ve seen the header image and background image in a BTv2.0 app using the BT_Mod Plugin created by MGoBlue.

In BTv1.5 the image goes in:
Assets > BT_images folder

In BTv2.x the image goes in
res > drawable folder

Be sure to add files to either source code or Eclipse.

It’s not mandatory to upload the image via the Control Panel. At least it seems to make no difference that I’ve been able to identify.

Two advantages of doing so are:

1. The Control Panel will enter the image file name into the image file name box. This helps to avoid inadverten making a typos or incorrectly entering type (.jpg vs. png).

2. The image file name will be availabe for easy selection via the Control Panel for other buttons and screens.

Have you created a Menu (buttons) in BTv2.0 with iOS?
If so let me know it works.

Do the images go in same folders?
See my Images Blog.



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