Skype & Buzztouch

Skype is an essential tool for Buzztouch Developers.

In the past few months I’ve found that giving and getting support requires me to talk to people around the world. The most common form of communication after emails is by phone. And almost every time it’s been done with Skype. I have free Skype call to landlines in the US & Canada ($3/mo) and Skype to Skype to anywhere in the world. Some carriers (Verizon) don’t allow Skype calling.

MicroSoft owns Skype. It’s interesting seeing how MicroSoft is moving into the Mobile World. Skype is one of their doorways.  Few if any mobile devices don’t have MicroSoft on board.

Skype vs. Facebook You didn’t know there was a contest, well MicroSoft does.

An interest fact is that Facebook makes most of it’s money on display ads on desktops.  It makes almost zero on mobile devices.




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