Emulator & Android Market

Three ways to add apps to your Virtual Device.

A common problem is that people complain that they cannot test their pdf screens and a few other screens (Word, Excel) on their virtual device.

Several weeks ago, I believe January ’12, Someone stated on the Buzztouch™ Forum that an Email account could not be added to a VD. I posted that I had done so and that the email account worked.

I then speculated on the Forum that one could add apps via the Android Market.

Within the hour someone tried it and confirmed that it worked.

So, Need a PDF viewer on your Virtual Device?

Three Methods:

  1. Add an email account to the emulator. You can then email Android Market links to yourself and install.
  2. Install Android Market, or
  3. Use the VD’s browser to find the desired app either on the Android Market or any other location where the .apk is posted.
  • You could post the .apk your self on DropBox
  • Have someone else post the .apk on DropBox
  • I you wish to test another Buzztouch users .apk on the Virtual Device have them either email to you or to post it somewhere and you use the browser to download it.



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