Buzztouch™ (iOS vs. Android)

Just a short blurb about the relative status of iOS vs. Android in relation to Buzztouch.

Not all features are supported on both platforms (read Android), but almost every feature now has a workaround.  I’d be interested in knowing what if any iOS features are not supported.

Interactive forms and databases are the last frontier.

I dare say on this front it appears Android will have the advantage.

An interesting development is the possibility of using your Android device as you Primary and Only Computer. Ubuntu Android add-on designed to replace PCs

Regarding poor Android app interface, that’s mostly because Android users are publishing before they understand how to properly do graphics or simply don’t care. I guess they’re App Happy.

Google has published a guide regarding graphics. They also suggest that app developers are not graphics designers and that app publishers should utilize the services of graphics designers for a successful app.

Apple avoids the problem by having a closed market.



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