MySkylla’s “Are You Worthy Challenge”

MySkylla’s “Are You Worthy Challenge”:

It’s my JFK Moon Landing equivalent.

JFK set a seemingly impossible challenge and Viola! we arrive on the Moon.

Current Challenges:

Windows Phone 7 & Buzztouch -date Feb 14th

HTML5 & Buzztouch – March 17

Buzztouch™ v1.5  & YouTube – Cinco de Mayo

Real Headers for Buttons Menu

Secret Yoga Position: I’ll need this soon. 🙂

Secret Challenge, if you know Java send me your email address for access to this Challenge.


Publish Your Solution on MySkylla

Free Lifetime subscribution to MySkylla

Inter-Satisfaction & free Yoga Position (Upon Availability)

“I’m Worthy Designation”

Have a “I’m Worthy Challenge” send and I’ll add it to the list. It may qualify you for a free Subscribution to MySkylla. If the Challenge is solved you may also receive a Lifetime Subscribution, depends on my evaluation of the Worthiness of the Challenge & Solution.


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