Buzztouch and Screen Nicknames

You should review the difference between:
Screen Nickname
Nav Bar Title

You can use the same Nav Bar Title multiple times if you so wish.

You cannot use the same screen nickname.

The user will never see the Screen Nickname

The user will only see the Nav Bar Title (unless you choose the hide the Nav Bar.)

The confusing part is that Buzztouch v1.5 will automatically use the Screen Nickname as the Nav Bar Title, which you can change after the screen is created.

In BTv2.0 when adding a screen to a Menu you enter a Screen Nickname & a Button name. The Screen Nickname will be used as the Nav Bar Title (until you change it if you choose).

Next issue:

There is no ‘html, plain text’ screen.

I suspect you’re using the ”Custom HTML’ text” screen, but that’s a guess on my part.

Learn the difference, it’ll save a world of hurt.

The Forum is full of posts seeking help where the source of the problem is the BT user getting things almost correct and or confusing names. (Compiling is not downloading not matter how many times you say so, been there done that.)


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