Put a Chatbox In Your Buzztouch App with Shoutbox

Setting up a Chatbox in your Buzztouch app is simple.

Shoutbox gives you three methods to connect the user with your Chatbox:
But lots of ads!

First Method: via URL
A URL which you can cut and paste.

This is how I setup the Chatbox in my Buzztouch App.

Create a free Chatbox with Shoutbox.


Copy the url from your Chatbox.

Create a Custom URL – Webpage screen in Buzztouch.

Paste the URL into the Internet URL / Web Address box.


Save the changes.

Update the app.

This is what I ended up with.


Nice, isn’t it.

Second Method: Embedded Link

When this Chatbox is viewed via this embedded link [Mobile Buzz v1.5 Chatbox] with a Android phone, it is not mobile friendly.

Third Method: Javascript

<noscript>Enable Javascript to get full functionality of this <a

The End

  • blueimp Open Source Chat Box it’s suppose to be ad free. I haven’t used it. As Modified for Buzztouch Android
  • Fred

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