How-To: Create Your Buzztouch App Using Eclipse

How-To: Create Your Android Buzztouch Apk With Eclipse
by MySkylla

This Part is a How-To create your Android Buzztouch Apk with Eclipse.

This Part picks up from the end of Creating Your Mobile App Using Buzztouch.

In the previous Part covered:
a. Creating a simple app in Buzztouch,
b. Creating your file structure on your computer, and
c. Downloading the Buzztouch Source Code.

In this Part I’ll lead you thru the following steps:

1. Creating the Eclipse Project.

2. Modifying the app’s Manifest to allow “Install to SD card”.

3. Exporting the Apk.

4. Creating your Release Keystore & ReleaseKey.

5. Posting your Apk to Dropbox.

The next Guide will be about installing the App onto your Android Device.

The MySkylla Mobile App Development Guide homepage can be found with this link.

To help you understand the process I’ll refer to the HelloFred app which we created previously.  The app you create by following this guide should use your name. Simply use your name instead of “Fred”.

For example, if your name is “Susan”, you should call your app, “HelloSusan”.

Once you complete this Guide you should be able to create apps, install the apps to your device and either self-publish the apps or place the apps on one of various app markets.

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