Buzztouch v1.4, v1.5 or v2.0

Someone said, “I didn’t know there’s a BTv2.0. Will I be able to convert my BTv1.4 apps?”

My reply:

No, you will not be able to convert BTv1.4 or BTv1.5 apps to BT Server™ v2.0 apps (Current build is v2.1.6). You’ll have to re-build your apps from scratch.

You’ll find it very difficult if not impossible to upgrade (convert) your BTv1.4 apps on Android Market to either BTv1.5 or BTv2.0 apps. You can easily update your apps, but converting your user from BTv1.4 to either BTv1.5 or BT Server™ v2.0 is a no go. (recently someone claims to have do so. I’ve not been able to confirm this.)

I’m primarily going to avoid the issue by not releasing any BTv1.4 apps and only release BTv2.0 apps.

BT Server™ v2.0 is the future. As more plugins are developed and users gain the knowledge & skill to create plugins you’ll see that this is by far a better platform.

Already a few 3rd party plugins have been created for BT Server™, unfortunately the 3rd party plugins (Android version) are apparently not working. Someone recently posted that they’re very close to resolving the issues with the 3rd party plugins (Android version – “Advance” Menu (List) with Icons).

In contrast, BTv1.4 & BTv1.5 will probably never get new screens. Buzztouch’s stated intention is to complete the nonfunctional BTv1.5 Android Screens once they complete initial work on BT Server™ v2.0.

But given limitation of resources I suspect that’ll be a long time in coming. I think the Buzztouch Team will have its hands full in just keep up with BT Server™ v2.0 and the continuing growth they having. So, in summary, time spent on BTv2.0 is well spent, but time spent on BTv1.4 and BTv1.5 has limited value. Buzztouch is/will transition to Buzztouch Server™ v2.0.

Read Buzztouch’s Manifesto found in the About Buzztouch tab.

“Excerpt, Plugins are the power of buzztouch and buzztouch Server™ makes it incredibly easy to install plugins. create new plugins, share plugins, and extend existing plugins. Adding additional plugins (screen-types) to your mobile dev arsenal allows you to quickly and efficiently re-purpose prior work. Expect literally hundreds if not thousands of useful, fun, professional, beautiful, and flexible plugins to surface as time goes on. Hint: Learn how to create one, you’ll be glad you did. Cheers and thanks… David Book”

If you wish, you can try my server running BTv2.1.6. read this.


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