AndroidManifest.xml file missing! It’s a Frequent Problem in Eclipse for Buzztouch Users

AndroidManifest.xml file missing! is a frequent problem encountered when compiling your Project in Eclipse.

You can look at the Source Code files and verify the Manifest is there. If so it’s a problem in the setup.

Following are various solutions tried by various persons.

The source of the problem has not been identified so why if any of these solutions work is difficult to say. Try these solutions, please comment if a solution works or doesn’t work. Any insights would be appreciated. Also please post the following:

A. Which Eclipse version your using?
B. Which Buzztouch version you’re using?
C. If you used the Windows Eclipse installer?

Possible Solutions:

1. Turn everything off and restart.

2. Right-click on Project
Select Android Tools
Select Build Project Properties

3. I would first verify your installation is complete. Was something missing? If so, please post.

4. Copy and paste the android manifest into Eclipse.

5. Click File > Switch Workplace > Other

Change the location of your workspace….for me I had a custom workspace, so I just changed it back to

C:UsersMyProfileWorkspace and what do you know it worked.”

Have another solution, please post it. With a collabrative effort we can solve this problem.

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