Why use Buzztouch instead of PhoneGap?

Why use Buzztouch instead of PhoneGap?

Primarily because PhoneGap is not a true Native app builder.  It has certainly tools and features that are not available on Buzztouch, as every platform does, but the Native aspect is my primary interest.

Essentially PhoneGap is a wrapper.

Not that there’s necessarily a difference between a Native App and a Web App. Depends on the app and it’s use.

I’ve also been looking at Rhomobile, but both required some serious HTML knowledge to make anything really useful.

As my skill level I certain that PhoneGap and Rhomobile will be very useful. Especially if you want a cross platform app. Currently Buzztouch does support Windows Mobile, Blackberry, .  . .
I doubt they will cover any other platform soon, but I’m not a Buzztouch insider, so I’m merely reading tea leaves.

I think that’s the strength of Buzztouch, little or lots of HTML knowledge doesn’t matter, you’ll still be able to use Buzztouch.

But this also presents a problem for Buzztouch, how to deal with Newbies that are clueless and unwilling to learn. Sort of like giving a loaded gun with no safety (Glock) to and untrained user.


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