Your Emulator & You, What You See, Is Not What Your App User Gets

What you see is not necessarily what others see. Your emulator and you.

Here’s and exchange I had with a person named David. I had installed his Apk onto my device and had sent him a screeshot.

Fred: Your apk installed automatically to the SD card, Congratulations!
Now just get the emulator working, but no hurry.

David: I have made few changes since the apk I sent you earlier (mainly colour and trying to reduce row height / fonts) but as you can see on my AVD its all over the place, not as tidy as yours.

Apart from settings in BT are there any settings on the AVD itself to reduce screen sizes?

My reply:
No, screen settings on VD per se, but you can create multiple VDs that mimic different devices with various screen sizes
My screen is 3.5″

David: Its ok I had actually set Skin in AVD to HVGA rather than default WCGA800 -all looks ok now cheers, D

Lesson learned:

Be aware of the setting on your emulator.

Be aware that your app will have a different look depending on the device and screen size.

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