Sharing Dropbox Folders: Why it’s not nice to “Share”.

I love Dropbox. If fact I use Dropbox as one of of my primary storage solutions and methods for transferring files.
There’s three ways to share files with Dropbox.

  • You can put the file in the “Public” folder.
  • You can share a Link to file (Public or non Public folder.)
  • You can Share a folder.

Unfortunately I cannot share with you because I need the space. Please just send me a link instead. Here’s an explanation why.

  • So send me a link

If I have a 2 Gig DropBox folder and I accept your invite to share your 25 MB folder then my folder size drops by 25 MB. Add a few shared folders, and I’ll run out of space.


But I no long accept requests to share folders. With Dropbox there’s three methods methods

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