MySkylla & Protected Content

What’s the “Protected” Content about:

Refund Policy: No way, you already seen more than $10 worth.


I publish a free Guide to Buzztouch™:

Most of the information is free.
Some of the information is not.
For access to the paid content ($10 pay via PayPal)

If you’re a paid MySkylla Server (BTv2.0) user request your free subscribution.

Is it worth $10? Ask yourself, how many hours MySkylla has saved you already. That’s easily worth hundreds.

Can’t afford $10?
Write a blog that’s worthy of Publication. If I publish it you’ll get a free subscribution.

Have a Solution: Provide a significant “Solution” to a Mobile Buzz problem. Even if you don’t /can’t document the Solution, it maybe worthy of a free Subscribution.

Trade for “Services”. Your service is worth more than $10, no problem, a MySkylla subscribution is worth Hundreds. The free subscribution is worth more. Funny how that works.

Feel that you’re worthy of a free subscribution because . . .?

See above.

How long is the Subscribution?
Currently one year, but we’ll see.
I’m keen to the lifetime concept, but that a long time.

Not all content will be available to paid subscribers:

Some of it is not worthy.

Some is private.

Some is not for use by the General Community.

Some is private solutions.

Find a Topic labeled, Underdevelopment, that you absolutely need access to send me an email with compiling reason for access. (Be advised, it really may not be worthy.)

Some is just Concepts

Some is on the back burner.


Note: Everything is copyrighted

If you:
Publish the Password
Re-Published my content
Or otherwise displease me,

I’ll change the password,
Attempt to prevent you from getting a new password,
Sick my Lawyers on you,
Attempt to have your internet privileges revoked, (Yes, that is possible.)
Ask Guido from New Jersey to pay you a visit.

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