Installing Eclipse without Windows Installer Help

If you’re not using the windows installer for Eclipse follow below:

1. Download the Android SDK

a. Install the ADT Plugin for Eclipse.

b. Add Android platforms and other components to your SDK.

Follow these steps to install new SDK components in your environment:

1. Launch the Android SDK and AVD Manager (hint: Windows Start button, . . .).

2. Select Available Packages in the left panel. This will reveal all of the components that are currently available for download from the SDK repository (Unless your memory is limited, just get everything).

3. Select the component(s) you’d like to install and click Install Selected. (If you aren’t sure which packages to select, read Recommended Components.)

4. Verify and accept the components you want (ensure each one is selected with a green checkmark) and click Install.

The components will now be installed into your existing Android SDK directories.

2. Install the latest release of Java JDK. Some of the older documents talk about Java 5 or 6, but now it’s Java 7 release version. For additional info read about Java History.

Verify your Installs (Optional, but I recommended it. It’ll help you understand things later on.)

Android SDK cannot detect JDK

No problem: -Press Back button on the error page -Press Next again. 🙂

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