Have Someone Compile Your Buzztouch App

Currently I’m willing to compile your Android App should you ask (Politely!)

If you ask on Buzztouch Forum you’ll probably receive a few offers.

Fred @ MySkylla dot com

We’ll talk money and/or trade for services.

Example you do iOS, I do Andriod.

Example you do graphics, I do Andriod.

Well you get the picture

I’ll need the following:

Hopefully you’ve created the file in Dropbox and read
Create a Keystore
you can just send me a link. If so add your images to the BT_Images folder then send me a link to your “Source Code” folder.

If not, then:
a. Add your images that you’ll use in your app to the source code.
b. Then zip the Source Code folder to me.

Then I’ll create your APK (app) using Eclipse, I’ll send you your APK file.

To create your Keystore I’ll need:
a. First and Last Name
b. Your Organization (optional)
c. Your Dept (optional)
d. Email address
e. City, State
f. Your Alias
g. Keystore Name

Use this link to create your Free 2 GB Dropbox account.

Upload your zipped Source Code file.

Send me a link to the uploaded file.


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