Compiling Your App in Eclipse

Congratulations, you’ve “Downloaded” your Source Code, you’ve created your “Android Project” and now you’re ready to “Compile” your App.

“But I don’t want to compile the app, I just want to use the Virtual Device (Emulator).”

Guess what, Every time you “run” your app in the VD, Eclipse is compiling your app.

“How is that possible, I don’t even have a keystore.”

Yes you do, a debug keystore is created automatically in Eclipse so you don’t have to select your Keystore every time you “Run” your project in Eclipse. Eclipse does it for you. Isn’t Eclipse nice.

“Ok, but I don’t want to compile the app, I just want to export it to my device.”

Same difference, when Eclipse runs (compiles) the project it’s exporting the app to the VD. Look in the emulator and you’ll find an apk for your app. The only difference between this apk and the one you’ll export to your device, is that the one in the simulator is signed by the debug key.

Using the VD was nice the first few times, but quickly I found that exporting the app to my device was better for multiple reasons.

So, you’re ready to export your app?

Not so fast, first you’ll want to modify your “Manifest”. Yes, it’s nerve wracking to hack around the manifest the first time, but if you make a mistake Eclipse will point it out. If you totally destroy the manifest you can always re-download the source code, No Harm, No Foul.

Next: Modifying the Manifest

Then: Exporting the APK

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2 thoughts on “Compiling Your App in Eclipse

  1. Hiya
    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I have just got to the ‘compiling your app’ stage. But, in my PyDev on Eclipse thingy, i am wondering – why is the folder called buzzTouch? I thought it would be the name of my app folder? Just checking to see if i havent done something wrong… 🙂

    Meanwhile, i think i will leave it here for the day – wawlking on eggshells at the minute; dont wanna break something! Lol

  2. Ooops!

    Just before i head out, i tried to do Run —> Run As —-> Java?
    I was kinda hoping to get Run As —> Python Run

    Tommorrow is gonna be real fun resolving this eclipse-python-java powerplay…!! 🙂

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