Whether to use your own Server or use MySkylla’s Server running BT Server v2.1

Yes, I’m in for the long haul.

I’m primarily interested in creating a Mobile App Development Solution.

It’ll be impossible to do this without developing my own apps.

Create apps, you create problems, you solve problems.

As to whether it’s better to have your own server, that’s up to the individual user.

Some pro & cons.

Biggest reason to use my server, it’s set up. It works! Setting up your own server can be demanding. Unless you’re one of the lucky phew (Phew, I can’t believe it was that easy.), it’ll take time. How much, good question. (days, weeks?)

Setting up your own server takes time, even if you use a free hosting plan time is money. But you’re your own boss. You decide.

When the BT Server software was released I waited a few weeks to set it up. Hence I avoided a lot of problems.

When some third party plugins were released I inquired about testing and caution against immediately using such. One person spent almost two weeks getting their server to works after installing the plugin. I intend to test, test, and test again before deploying new products. I really wish to use their plugins, but they’re not ready for prime time.

I’ve also identified various enhancements that cost money. After the traffic justifies the cost, I’ll implement the features.

If you’re a techie and wish to modify the server you’ll want your own server.


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