Using MySkylla’s Server Running BT Server v2.1.6

A bit about using my Server:

I’ll mark future updates with a red “New 2/21/12” and leave it so marked untill the later of 3 months or such time I think in necessary.

Please refer to this at least every now and then so we have no misunderstanding.

I wish to make this service as seamless as possible so you don’t have to bother with setting up or maintaing a server and you can spend your time building apps.

If you have new features you wish for on this server please let me know.

Now back to regular type.

  • First you must understand this server is my server not Buzztouch’s server.
  • I’m using Buzztouch’s software with a license from Buzztouch.
  • The cost of using my Server is $5/mo, payable per Quarter in advance payable by PayPal. Send me an email and I can send you a request for payment. This price can and will change due to things beyond my control. So you must understand that when (not if) Buzztouch begin to charge for their service, I’ll adjust my price accordingly.
  • The BT Server software is Beta, if you don’t know what Beta means you don’t/shouldn’t use it.
  • I don’t provide support. Support will be via BT Forum. I may help if I so wish & I have the time. Absolutely no obligation on my part. (What do you expect for $5/mo.)
  • If you wish to try the BT Server v2.1.6 I’ll give you a five day free Trial. Your obligation: send me feedback!
    After five days, no money = no access
  • Sometime afterwards I’ll cleanup the Server & delete the account and all files. That means all apps created will be lost for ever. No recovery possible.
  • I ask you to limit apps created on my server to no more than two until such time you pay.
  • Use of the server will be limited to lawful use. No pornography or other similar activities. It’s my Server, you’ll play by my rules (Which will change & develop as time goes by.)
  • Don’t like my Rules, no problem, setup your own server, and you’re the boss, and you can play by your own rules.
  • All complaints will dealt with privately. Taking your complaints public means you don’t wish to use my server. It’s simple, you’re in my house, if you’re not happy, LEAVE!
  • Known fact: 20% of people cause 80% of problems, don’t be part of the 20%.
  • Remember, we’re using Buzztouch software, so we (you & me) must follow their rules. Don’t like the rules, write your own software. go to and read their terms (TOS). look to the botton right of their website for the link to TOS. If you violate their TOS They and I can and will remove your content, cut-off your account, make you liable for attorney fees among many other unpleasant things which you will make you wonder why You didn’t read and understand the TOS and didn’t bother to read my blog about copyright law.
  • One last thing, if you use a lot of traffic and run up the server traffic & costs (that your app should be so successful, and you be that lucky) you pay the bill. To understand Buzztouch’s pricing structure you Need to read my review of their new website. It’s simple you get 50 API call per month free. After that $99/year per 100 API call per month. That means you create 60 apps and download the source code 120 times you’ve used 120 API calls. Normally you’ll download the source code several time per app untill you realized it’s only necessary once per operating system. (iOS & Android)After that your just wasting resources and complicating your life.
  • Plus you can move your account to a new server (estimated cost $199) more on this later. I offer this option because you may wish to move your data to my server, just like to option of moving, or become so successful you need to move.
  • Need help setting up your server, contact me for pricing details and options.
  • Send me an email agreeing to this and I’ll sign you up.
  • You must give me your First and Last Name.
  • Your email address is your sign-in.
  • Your initial password will be:
  • Yes you can change the password, please do so.
  • Some additional info.


Problems: On January 19th a user notified me via email that they were unable to download the Source Code to and app they had created.  (as of Feb 21st, 2012 I’ve not encountered this problem for two or three weeks. Hopefully problem solved.)

I looked into the problem and was unable to resolve the problem. I found a post dated Dec. 3rd, 2011 on BT Forum, I posted my issue.

  • Next day problem was resolved,
  • No response on Forum
  • No action on my part
  • Problem will probably reappear.
  • That’s the nature of Beta.
  • Update
  • Occasionally there’s a problem with downloading.
  • The source of the problem is Buzztouch’s website not MySkylla’s Server.
  • There’s nothing I can do about the problem, Solution: Wait 1 to 24 hours and it’ll work.
  • Best of luck. There hasn’t been a reoccurance of this problem for some time (since early Feb.), if should happen again I’ll update this post, hopefully problem solved.

Regarding server use:

The server as all servers have limited band width allowed before there’s additional fees.

That we should be so lucky that our app is so successful.

Simple rule: Money follows the costs. You make money, you pay the bill. David @ Buzztouch posted on this, I’ll try to find the post.

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