Publishing/Distributing Your Buzztouch App

There are several ways to Publish the App.

Post it on a market such as Android Market (One time $25 Developer Registration fee.) or the iTunes Store ($99/yr). (iOS Options)

Publish the App yourself by:
1. Posting a link somewhere, such as your website, user’s groups, marketing material, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter.
2. Email/SMS the link or Apk to them.

Have to your App users distribute for you by adding a:
a. Share by Email
b. Share by Text (SMS)
c. Share by Facebook
d. Share by Twitter
Using the Share by . . .screen individual App users can share with each other.

When you setup the Share by screen you provide a link to the Apk on the website (or dropbox). I recommended something like the following,
“Hey, you should checkout MySkylla’s new Android App a2012 Election. Download it using this link . . .”

I hate receiving notices telling me to do something, that fails to tell me what I’m supposedly doing. So explain:
1. Type of App (Android or iOS).
2. Name of the App.
3. Who created the App (knowing that it’s from someone they trust goes a long way).
4. How they’re suppose to download the App.

You can email, SMS, post to website, Dropbox, and more for free.

Most Android markets are free (If they’re not free, you should seriously ask what is it that you’re paying for.)

But eventually you’ll join the Android Market. Even if you don’t, prepping an app to upload to the Android Market will force you to make a better App.

Plus if your app is a paid app, Goggle has a copyright tool that I believe is only functional via the Android Market.



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