Publishing & Package Name

Package Name? What’s that?

Look in the Buzztouch Control Panel (Note: Only for BTv1.5 & BTv2.0)

If you go to Buzztouch Control Panel and look at ‘Manage Core Properties’ setting in the for your App you’ll find Application Name and below it Project Name.

Application Name is only your Buzztouch Control Panel Applicaion Name.  You can use the same name in Eclipse (and probably Xcode) but you don’t have to.

The Project Name is simply the Buzztouch Project Name. Again you can use in in Eclipse if you wish but you don’t have to.

Package Name: When you download the Source Code and create an Eclipse Project you will enter a name. Again you can use the Name used in Buzztouch but that’s optional.

Now open the manifest.xml file and you’ll see a package name. Similar to the Buzztouch Package Name.  Yes, close but a litter different.

Should you use that package name. NO!

Someone recently tried to upload the Apk to Android Market and were unable to.  I suggested the problem was with the package name. after a bit of discussion via email he understood and renamed the package and was able to upload to Android Market. 

His first question was: Requirements ?

My Response: Not much.

Then I explained the Best Practice

Example: com.myskylla.mobilebuzzv14


My app is called: Mobile Buzz v1.4
My domain is:

Your app should be something liked


Use right-click on Eclipse Project, the change Package Name Tool.

It’s very ease to use.

With BTv1.4 you can’t change the package name. Better have tried and failed.

Don’t use the default BT package name (except for BTv1.4, no choice).

Can you upgrade a BTv1.4 app to a BTv1.5 app? Maybe

BTv1.4 App Considerations:

Are you upgrading a BTv1.4 app or is this a new app?

If it’s not a new app, you might consider using the BTv1.4 name in the BTv1.5 app (I haven’t tried this, not positive I’ll work. Worth a try. If it works let me know.)

Upgrading the App after Publication on Android Market:

After you publish an app you cannot change the package name.

So, your new app will need to have the same name as the previously published app or Android Market will consider it a new app.



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