, Create Your Own App Store

Based on a post to the Buzztouch Forum I followed a link to Found a sharp looking website, but had a difficult time trying to understand what their business model was.

Finally I left with the understanding that Appia will create an App Store for you. Your own App Store. That’s an interesting concept.

My exploration revealed some interesting sites and reviews.

A Google search revealed a review in TechCrunch. But some aspects of the review just don’t seem right. The level of writing just didn’t strike me the quality I’d expect from TechCrunch. Claims of a “App Store War” with GetJar leading to the banding of Opera from GetJar’s site peaked my interest. I went to GetJar’s website and a search for Opera mini brower showed that the App Store war was either short lived or never occurred.

Appia claims to have a partnership with Opera but the “Opera App Store” doesn’t have the look or quality one would expect from Opera mini. I attempted to find a few apps but was inable to find anything I’d be interested in. The App Store didn’t function at the level I’d expected from Opera. Notice the url, is that Opera? If it is I’d be very suprised, but it sure looks like Opera’s branded url.

A few other claims likewise have no evidence of actual partnership.  Perhaps the word “Partnership” is being used differently than I’m familiar with.

I found an post that mentions the partnerships and other claims from Appia, but then quotes an unnamed developer as follows, “those are great growth numbers for an app store that nobody has heard about.”

I found Opera’s web site by going to Wikipedia article about Opera the web browser, and followed the link. Notice their url, yes that’s Opera.

Nope, no mention of the “Opera App Store”. If the store is mentioned, it’s buried so deep I couldn’t find it.


Is Appia for real?

If so, why the disparity in quality of websites?

If not, what about the urls and TechCrunch review?

I now have a much healthier disbelief of anything found on the internet.

Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4

Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4

Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4


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