Advertising on Adsense, Costs of & Related Issues

Want to advertise your App or just learn a bit about online advertising?

Here’s an article that starts out with:

“Search Engine Marketing is a complex field that comprises many different approaches to marketing such as Adwords, pay per call, Pay per click advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Search Retargeting and Social Media Marketing Some of the latest theoretical advances include Search Engine Marketing Management which seems to be of a great importance, after a lot of big advertisers became frustrated with lot of empty “liking” and “clicking”.”

Today when reading the NY Times online I noticed my brother’s ad. I took a screenshot and sent it to him. His reply tells you a lit  bit about costs of the ads.

Here’s his reply:

Cool! It works!

I set up a new ad campaign for myself. In the last two weeks, Google has shown 21,000 ads for me. Total cost so far: $10.51. Over Xmas, I passed another Google certification and they gave me $2,000 in Google credit.

21,692 people have seen my ads. The repetition will build awareness
and brand. I expect to show 100,000 ads per month.

Thanks for the screen shot. The ad shows in the New York Times. At
some point, I’ll tune the campaign so that ads show up only in
high-value sites, which enhances my brand.

When you’re ready for advertising for the Nashville Waltz Ball, I’ll make sure every human, alien, cat, and dog within 300 miles of Nashville will know about it.



Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4

Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4

Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4


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