Custom Looking Buttons

Here’s a post found on the Buzztouch Forum on how to make custom looking buttons.

Posted: Wed, Dec. 14 2011 02:17 PM (pst)

By user name: Moofa

Hi, I was squeezing my head for couple of days now about how could I make the buttons in BT to not appear like preset buttons.

And I came up with this idea:

1. I set up the Button Size Small Device to 158 to fill the whole screen area

2. Button Margin Small Device set to 0 to eliminate any space between the buttons

3. Label Layout Style -set to Middle

4. Label Font Color -Clear After setting all this I ended up with four buttons on the screen that were centered and had no space between them.

I made a symmetrical image in Corel draw. See here:

http:// u/10939844/ corel.jpg

And imported it in PhotoShop.

See here: http:// u/10939844/ PS.jpg

I then cut away the four squares I needed and assigned them to the four buttons in the correct order. I ended up with a custom made screen with four butons that look free form and not square as default ones. See here the result: http:// u/10939844/ photo.PNG You can play with this idea in any way you want. Even use more buttons(that would lead to more squares to build in CD or PS) Just be careful of the proportions of your screen and of your uncut image. BR, Vali

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Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4

Posted from WordPress for Android by Fredt4


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