Mobile App Creators (Native & Web) Who and What they are.

App Creators, who and what are they. The answer varies from sophisticated to simple, and from complex to simple. Some require programming and some don’t.

One group of app builder are free (they’ll place advertising on your app).

Other are selling you the support service.  You get a free app, but you pay for them to publish, host &/or maintain the app.

Some are not more (sometimes very sophisticated, sometimes not) than mobile websites.

Some are native apps, some a hybrid of native and web apps.

Some give you the tools to build your app without limitations, others are merely marketing tools for their services.

A few allow you to build your first app, publish it and distribute it in minutes, other will take you weeks to install and understand to the point of usefulness.

Some are useful but have limitations which may not be acceptable to you. Others may be useful but prohibitively expensive.

By understanding the complex matrix of the features offered and what you need you’ll be able to pick the right platform.


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